Planning for Minor Children

Young family

What happens to your children if you pass away?

Few things terrify parents more than than passing away while their children are still young. If you have minor children, consider nominating a Guardian to care for them in the event you pass away. In addition, a Trust can even be created at your death so that the Guardian has funds available to care for them. Also, you can put restrictions on how the funds are distributed.


Your Estate Planning Partner

Attorney Myrna Serrano Setty counsels clients on:

  • Establishing family emergency procedures
  • Factors to consider when nominating a Guardian
  • A guardian’s responsibilities
  • Restructuring Will provsions to prevent abuse by family members
  • Creating a minor’s inheritance trust (with a separate trustee) to oversee the child’s inheritance
  • Reviewing other protections that that are right for each client's goals and needs